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Oxygen Events and 7mm announces the VIII edition of the conference entitled “Romania - the road ahead”, initiated and organized with the support of the  
Romanian National Bank, the main theme being “Economic and Financial crime in the 21st century”. The subjects of information crime and financial crime will be  
tackled on the 20th and 21st March, respectively. The event is held with the support the Romanian National Bank, The Romanian Banking Association, The Romanian  
Banking Institute and The Romanian Financial Banking Analysts Association.  
The 21st century began as one of the darkest pages in human history. Global crime is now a combination of deadly factors - money, diabolical thinking, modern  
technology and religious fanaticism - that have changed the world and showed how vulnerable humans are when faced with the latest technology. Sophisticated  
gadgets. Financial schemes with global consequences and connections. Criminal minds as advanced as technology itself. Fraud, Money laundering, Terrorism, Theft,  
Embezzlement, Crime in Cyber space have no boundaries or nationality and yet…there is concern, there are solutions, products, enlightened minds to protect us from  
crime wherever it may occur and however sophisticated. How do they do it and how much are they able to do? The experts will have the answers. Register for the event  
to find out about the concerns, provisions and expert solutions.
The series of conferences set up by Oxygen Events and 7mm will bring forth the financial banking markets and an array of distinguished guests, experts, department  
heads of banks and corporate businesses, who will touch on the latest topics of this difficult time we are faced with, dealing with elaborate criminal schemes.
Day 1, 20th March will open with:
· The latest report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers on cyber crime
· The hottest focus on information threat while navigating a web jungle
· How to deal with identity theft and prevent information leaks
· Managing operational risks associated with IT&C in the field of banking
· Protecting intellectual property and value in the knowledge economy
Participating in the event will be companies such as: IBM, Bitdefender, Endava, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Google Romania, Visa, ING Bank, CEC Bank, Piraeus  
Bank, Banca Romaneasca, BCR, OTP Bank, RBS, Provision, Cio Council, Emporiki Bank.
Day 2, 21st March will discuss the Legal requirements for real challenges in the prevention and combating of financial crime:
· Money laundering - infraction and illicit phenomenon
· Why is it essential to know the customer?
· Fraud prevention, detection and punishment
· Focus: Auditor vs. Investigator
Throughout Day 2, the sessions will be held by members of the dedicated committees of the Romanian Banking Associations. The presentations and debates will  
include case studies. The final 5 minutes will bring surprise winnings in the Business card raffle.

Romania - the road ahead? Economic and Financial Crime in the 21st century
Financial and information crime
“Legal requirements for real challenges”
20th - 21st March 2012
Romanian National Bank, Room Mitita Constantinescu

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